Escape Brands

Description of Business

Escape Brands is a unique company with a focus on creating and developing cutting edge products that are currently just "ideas" and successfully bringing them to market at the highest possible quality.


HotScream, our initial venture, takes two concepts, dessert and spicy food, and combines them to form a product that can only be described as ‘HotScream The Spicy Ice Cream’. By taking ice cream with its cool creaminess and incorporating a spicy swirl, we have created a new taste sensation, one that almost defies one's own senses. At first, you taste the pureness of the vanilla, followed quickly by the sweetness of strawberry, chocolate or ginger [with new flavors salted caramel, espresso and black raspberry coming soon!] but as you continue to enjoy HotScream, things change. You feel a warming sensation that starts in the back of your mouth, creating a rush that only can come from spicy foods. The warming continues to linger but doesn't engulf your mouth with fire.  Taking another bite you again taste the cool, creamy vanilla and the respective variegate flavor profile while the heat dissipates, only to come back time and time again.

That’s what Escape Brands is about; a young and creative entity that pushes the envelope with

new, delicious and appealing products that stir the senses.

The Beginning

HotScream came about much like all great inventions, truly by accident. Jeff Russitano, cofounder, and his friend Jim were watching a Sunday night NFL game and devouring some extremely spicy buffalo wings. Feeling the need for relief, they promptly scooped two large bowls of vanilla ice cream, only to look at the remaining wing sauce, then each other and say, you thinking what I’m thinking?!

That’s how it all started and after many batches of HotScream we finally perfected it. We had friends and family try it and they all agreed you have something there. Through trials and tribulations (HotScream sandwiches [HotScreams], 3 gallon tubs for Food Service, sampling at fairs, etc), we came to the conclusion to expand our brand name we needed to do two things:
1) hit the retail market, and 2) expand the product line (Initially we only had the strawberry swirl).

We hit local smaller stores with great success, everyone wanted to purchase a local product! Then Walmart came a calling, asking us to come to their “Made in America” event in June of 2018. We were an instant hit with the buyer and we secured a contract with Walmart to start carrying HotScream in 300+ stores in April of 2019! We continue to grow exponentially and by the end of 2019 we anticipate being in over 1,000 stores nationwide [just added Big Y and their 75+ stores in the Northeast]!

So come, join the ride, jump on the bandwagon and taste HotScream and one of its seven flavors [that’s right, we’ve grown again] and see which one is your favorite!

Check back early and often as this page will continue to grow as we do!

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