Spicy Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

Spicy Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

When you try a scoop of Chocolate Swirl HotScream, at first, you taste the pureness of vanilla, complemented by the rich and smooth taste of chocolate, followed by a warming sensation that only comes from spicy foods

How Does Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream taste?

Smooth, rich, deep, lasting overtones, slight decadence, always satisfying.

Where can I buy Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream?

Select Walmart’s, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, all ACME supermarkets, all Morton Williams, multiple IGA stores in the NE.  

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*seasonal – fall/winter

Additonal: Our ice cream coloring is from all-natural ingredients to preserve the all-natural components of HotScream Ice Cream.

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