The Story of HotScream!

Jeff Russitano, HotScream co-founder, and his friend Jim were watching a Sunday night NFL game and devouring some extremely spicy buffalo wings. Feeling the need for heat relief, they promptly scooped two large bowls of vanilla ice cream, looked at the remaining wing sauce, then each other and said, ‘are you thinking what I’m thinking?'

​That’s how it all started and after many, many batches of HotScream, we finally perfected HotScream and now have the newest, most exciting new ice cream on the market today!

The HotScream Experience

What is the HotScream experience?  First you taste rich premium vanilla ice cream followed quickly by the sweetness of strawberry, chocolate, ginger, salted caramel, espresso, peach or black raspberry.  But then, you get a warming sensation in the back of your mouth, creating a rush that only comes from spicy foods. The warming continues to linger but doesn't engulf your mouth with fire and then it’s time for another amazing, delicious bite!

​So come on in, join the ride, jump on the bandwagon and taste HotScream and one of its current four flavors and see which one is your favorite!